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Taking Time for Reflection

If there’s any gift the pandemic brought us, it is that.

It’s been amazing to see how the imposed introspection of the last few years has changed society, with so many people revaluating their priorities and making positive changes to get more fulfilment from their lives.

Taking the time and space to switch off from the noise and focus on what really matters to you is an incredibly valuable process. Yet often it shines light on the areas of our life where we are unfulfilled. It allows us to see where we need to put in the work and grow. It is infinitely rewarding but can be a daunting prospect!

When the world around you is spinning, yoga is a great way to find clarity and guide you towards a reflective state. But yoga is not a magic wand to fix your problems. It is incredible, invaluable and potentially life changing. However, that journey towards a better life is by no means an easy path.

Taking conscious steps towards a more fulfilled life requires the death of who you used to be.

True reflection shines a light on the darkness.

It forces you to address elements of your own personality and habits which are not serving you and to let them go. It is a deeply uncomfortable process and often met with resistance. You will grieve these parts of yourself like you would a loved one.

But I promise you that what’s on the other side is so worth it. Once you lift the veil there is no going back. You will go through this cycle again and again, peeling off the layers of conditioning. Becoming clearer on your path of purpose.

Of course, you can struggle through this process on your own, and sometimes that is a necessary part of the journey. However, I know from years of personal and professional experience that navigating this with the support of community and guides in a retreat setting can lead you to those breakthroughs much quicker.

My first yoga retreat changed me forever. It was an intense catalyst for change. It shook me to the core. It set me on a whole new path that I had never even allowed myself to dream of before!

Since that moment I’ve aspired to build my life around helping other people on these transformations. My journey took me to Thailand where I facilitated yoga retreats for 3 years.

Yet through lockdown, even though I was living in paradise, I had the clear call to share this transformational power on home soil.

With the support of the incredibly nurturing and inspiring Shona Currie, a Transformational Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist and CBT Therapist, I am delighted to be hosting my first Scottish women's retreat.

We can’t wait to welcome the small group of inspiring women to the idyllic isle of North Uist, and support you as you navigate the path to self-realisation.

Are you hearing the call to go inward? Are you ready to let go of what is no longer serving you?

Join us on our Luxury Women’s Retreat from 8-13 May to start the transformational journey for yourself.

There are just a few spaces left so book your space now to avoid missing out.

Full details available on the web page, or you can reach out via our contact page if you’d like to arrange a call 😊

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