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Return to the Wild Isles

Updated: May 5, 2023

Watching the Wild Isles documentary on BBC has got me hankering to go back to the stunning Isle of North Uist!

It's just over 3 months until I get to disconnect from the mainland and get back to this remote island paradise in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It can't come quick enough!

We'll spend a week truly tending to our needs - practicing yoga twice daily, meditating, eating hearty, nutritious meals, engaging in transformational workshops, connecting with a group of incredible women and tapping in to our innate creativity and power.

Located in the stunning Outer Hebrides of Scotland, amongst the unique and fertile landscape of the machair, this island paradise is one of the few unspoilt landscapes that remain as a haven for wildlife in the UK.

As featured in the recent BBC documentary ‘Wild Isles’, you’ll be able to spot rare birds such as Lapwings and Corncrakes in their natural habitat as you gaze out from our morning meditation spot.

With our accommodation just a few minutes walk to idyllic white sand beaches, you can choose to swim in the refreshingly wild waters each morning.

I'm extra excited this year as we've added a private boat charter to the schedule. I can't wait to spend the a day out in the waters of the Outer Hebrides, lapping up the raw power of the waves 🌊

There are just a few spaces left to join a small group of women on our island retreat... Will you be of them?

To reserve your spot, or for more details, click the button below.

Payment plans are available to help spread the cost. Just send me a message and we can arrange a plan that suits you 😉

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