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Promote workplace wellbeing with a carefully curated mindfulness session

Whether you're looking for a wellness session to reward your team, or a team-building session to help achieve a desired outcome, we can work together to create a bespoke workshop that will inspire and revitalise your group. 

It's been hard for many colleagues finding their feet after lockdown and the move to home/hybrid working has had an impact on engagement across the country. Mental wellbeing is a hot-topic and employers are realising the importance of nurturing their colleagues' mental health.

With over 8 years experience in corporate HR and Learning & Development under my belt before moving into the world of yoga and mindfulness, I am adept at creating accessible, engaging and effective mindfulness sessions to empower your colleagues and support your objectives.

Your team are guaranteed to feel more resilient, self-sufficient and connected after a wellbeing workshop with me.

“We loved Kerry’s online Desk Yoga session! She created a wonderfully calming atmosphere and such a relaxing session. It was a perfect class for beginners who wanted to learn a little bit about yoga but didn’t feel ready to go to a class. Kerry is beautiful soul and I would highly recommend !!”

Sharon Campbell, Wellbeing Officer at Mary's Meals


After an initial consultation to help me understand the needs of the group and desired outcome, I will create a bespoke workshop incorporating some of the following elements.


I'll guide you through some gentle movements you can do from your desk to ease aches and pains, open up the body and revitalise your energy.


I can introduce some meditation exercises to help improve focus, mental clarity and reduce stress. Do you see a need for your team to feel more connected / energised / calm / motivated / inspired / communicative / relaxed / supportive of each other?  I can develop a guided meditation for your group centered around the desired outcome.


Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), in my opinion, are the most impactful tool we can use to improve our wellbeing. I can guide your team through a few simple, yet powerful, techniques and help them feel the impact it has on their physical body, mood and mental clarity.


We can introduce some gentle movement techniques to help your team harness the energy of their body. I love seeing the look on people's faces when they feel the difference in energy from a few simple movements!


Asana is what a lot of us in the western world think of when we hear the word, 'yoga'. It is the name for the physical postures we create in a yoga practice. I'd be happy to create a bespoke yoga class to meet the needs of your group and their mobility.


We can bolster the practical experiences with theory on how these practices can influence the nervous system, polyvagal theory, anxiety, yogic breathing, meditation and more.

Fab session Kerry! A great reminder of how we should stop, breathe and take care of ourselves.

Barry Dow, Group People Director at Avidity



Contact me today for a quick chat to see how I can support your team. I can't wait to hear from you!

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