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Kerry's students share their feedback on their experience in her yoga classes.

I have some problems with upper back and Kerry taught me some new stretches and also new ways of getting in poses. Kerry is such a lovely person and easy to talk to, which is helpful when learning new ways of doing things Definitely recommend her classes to everyone

Sanna Siponen

Kerry is simply a delightful human being and it comes out when she teaches yoga or interacts with you in general! I first met her at a silent meditation retreat in the south of Thailand, and while it was tough to wake up at 4:00 in the morning, it was always a relief to get to Kerry’s class after our morning meditation sessions. Highly recommend this stellar woman!

Brittany DeNovelis

This class really made me feel energised, I felt a lot of tension before the class and afterwards I felt revived and relaxed. Kerry’s class is the perfect combination of strength, stretching and balance. I am looking forward to more classes with her.

Restorative was such a lovely island in time for me and my teenage daughter. She's dealing with exam stress right now and doing breathwork and being given permission to fully relax was exactly what she needed. She left and told me she was a 'changed woman'!

Pia Aguilar-Saffirio


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