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Remembering the Magic Within

‘I remember you like magic’

Someone left me this message a few days ago and it really touched my heart. This was a person I had met for just a few hours last year. I’ve thought about them a lot since but somehow always assumed I was just a blip in their radar, so I never reached out.

Clearly, that was not the case!

Isn’t it interesting how we can be so quick to belittle our effect on the lives of people around us?

I know that a beautiful smile from a stranger can truly brighten my day (in fact I had just such a smile with a man in the supermarket yesterday – it resonated with me for hours!), yet why do we not consider the positive impact our vibes can have on others?

We can often be so busy focussing on a silly thing we said or did in a situation, that we forget to give ourselves credit for the magic that spills through in between. We forget that we are magical even in those moments. Perhaps especially in those most human of moments.

Yoga practice at it’s core is really about reawakening to that inner magic. Remembering that we are all made from the same stardust and atoms, vibrating with the wonder of life.

Do you ever take a moment to admire your own magnificence?

What is the special spark in you that lights up someone else's day?

What is your unique brand of magic?

Sadly, some of us find this a difficult question to answer. Not because we’re not special, but because we’ve become blind to our own wonder.

If you’re struggling to identify your personal brand of magic, here’s a few journal prompts to get you started:

  • What qualities do other people most often compliment you on?

  • What is your favourite quality about yourself?

  • How can you share a little more magic with the people in your life?

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