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Picture perfect doesn't = perfect

2 years ago, this was my life 🏝️

This was basically my back garden - grateful does not accurately describe!

I was seeing out the pandemic on a paradise island, living in a stunning wooden hut on the side of a cliff. Waking up daily to these epic views, with my wee dog pack as companions, I'd walk a minute through the jungle to this point to play guitar. On paper it was totally idyllic! Yet I wasn’t happy.

This is Lalee, one of my pack of 3 neighbours' dogs who accompanied me on adventures.

I realise with hindsight that I was burnt out; both literally (your gal's not made for tropical climates 🥵) and metaphorically (even working in the yoga industry can have it's stresses 🥴). Although I was doing yoga and other somatic practices daily, I still felt disconnected somehow… far away from my body and my sense of self. It took me a long time to realise that even though it was picture perfect, it wasn't the right environment for me to thrive. Even though people thought I was mad to come back home in those crazy covid times, as soon as I made the decision I knew it was right. Coming back to Scotland was a homecoming on so many levels. That disconnect I felt dissipated when I was back on home soil (and under 20C temps!). My body and mind seemed to wake up and it was like a fog was lifted from my eyes.

Yoga teacher, Kerry, smiling on a sunny day after teaching a yoga class in Glasgow, Scotland
My happy wee head enjoying the Scottish sunshine after teaching my first yoga class on home soil

Of course I have moments on those cold, dark & dreich Scottish days when I miss my barefoot morning walks to the beach with the dogs, yet surprisingly, I don't really yearn to be back living there. I’m happy to be sharing my practice back on home soil for now, and am very excited to get a wee dose of island life again in July at our Immersive Island Retreat on North Uist! It really is the best of both worlds for me. I love the tranquillity of island life - that deep sigh your body seems to take as soon as you separate yourself from the mainland and the incessant push of modern life. The opportunity to connect back with the elements and my true nature. To start and end the day listening to the sound of the waves and walk barefoot on the stunning, isolated beaches. The only difference is it may be a bit more nippy when you get in for a swim! But that's balanced with less danger of sunburn for those delicate souls such as me!

Actual footage of me swimming in a sea pool in Uist after last year's yoga retreat!

We've only a few spaces left on our July retreat and payment plans are available to help spread the cost!

You can find out more or book your space using the link above.

If you want to discuss payment options or have any questions at all, I'd be happy to arrange a call. Just reach out via email on

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