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Misty Morning Musings

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I'm really missing these misty mornings in the Tuscan countryside!

I spent last week as a guest on a yoga retreat in the heart of Tuscany which was such a gift.

With all the beautiful food, drink and yoga practices, there were an abundance of sensory pleasures during the retreat, but one of my favourites was experiencing this scene each morning.

I'd sneak outside in my pyjamas and stand in awe of the gorgeous landscape, clouds still hugging the ground like a dewy duvet.

The moon was still bright and high and the temperature was crisp enough to wake me, yet not cold enough to make me shiver.

I'd walk down barefoot and feel my soles first on the bumpy ground, then head for the delight of the cool, flat marble tiles.

After soaking it in, I'd go to the kitchen where our kind Italian host, Sergio, would be waiting with fresh coffee and a warming smile.

Those mornings made my heart feel so full 💕

Being a retreat leader and yoga teacher, it's been years since I attended a retreat without playing an active part in organising or facilitating.

It's always important to practice what you preach and I am so glad I took this opportunity to take some time out to fully relax and focus on my own needs for a while. I'm feeling calmer, clearer and more content than I did last week and have left with new friends and a happy heart.

Retreats take so many different forms yet they all hold one common thread - taking the time we all truly need in order to rest, reflect and reenergise.

I am sold on the art of slow living 👌

Thanks again to my hosts Molly, Samy and Sergio for allowing me to share this beautiful experience!

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