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Autumn Musings 🍂🍁

Well, what a shift in weather this week! For me it was a particularly drastic change. I'd spent 6 days down south basking in 32C heatwave, then travelled back up to Glasgow the day the weather shifted.

It may have been a little extreme, however I am still pleased at the change. Autumn is definitely my season!

A moment of joy as I was blinded by the sunbeams just minutes after a windy rain storm. Featuring my favourite wooly hat.

I’ve heard so many people say how sad they are that summer is coming to an end, saying that ‘winter is here already!’ and it always gets me thinking. We are all so eager to live in the past or the future, we often forget to savour the magnificence in the present moment.

For me, Autumn is the perfect reminder to soak up every little drop of the here and now!

These bright, crisp, changeable days come with the urgent reminder to savour the last lingering rays of sun before the onset of the dark Scottish winter.

To marvel in the colours of nature which change and flutter around us so quickly from the vivid, bright tones of summer to the rich, warm, earthy shades of Autumn.

I love this tipping point in time that straddles darkness & light; action and rest; vitality and stillness. I feel that FOMO feeling reduce as the daylight wanes – happier to wind down early and gift my body rest.

I love being able to get cosy, coorie in, wrap up in scarves and wear my favourite wooly hat!

The first Jacket/scarf/brolly outing of the season.

I equally love those exciting moments when surya sheds her light and you can have an exhilarating jacket-off walk!

I adore the gorgeous fruits that ripen in perfect synchronicity to gift us their juicy, delicious vitamin C in time to support us through the darker months. Peaches are my current obsession…

I get excited about the reintroduction of sweet, earthy root vegetables which will shortly dominate my diet!

The next time you find yourself cursing the lack of sunshine, perhaps ask yourself – what can you be grateful for in this moment? Where can you find beauty?

Once you start looking, you’ll notice it’s everywhere…

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